It is a great pleasure for me to introduce to you the 2020 Edition of ISSA’s flagship publication: the ISSA Ship Stores Catalogue.
Now in its 37th year of publication and with over 70,000 copies to be found on board ships and in purchasing offices throughout the world, ISSA’s unique contribution to the maritime industry continues unabated.

I am delighted to announce there will be a digital version of the Catalogue available later in the year and we will also be producing a special Provisions Catalogue by the end of 2020.

It is pleasing to note that a record number of advertisers have chosen the ISSA Ship Stores Catalogue as a significant medium to display their products.  We thank them all most sincerely for their support. Manufacturers around the world clamour for their products to be listed.  Readers will recall that ISSA’s declared aim is to make the Catalogue as generic as possible but where unique products can be found then these are listed.

We retain the ability to license the Catalogue for inclusion on a company’s back office purchasing system and anyone wishing to avail themselves of this facility need only email for full details.

Our well-known 7-digit numbering system remains untouched so that if you have earlier editions of the Catalogue you will find no number duplicated.  We do list “number discontinued” where appropriate.

ISSA Conditions
The ISSA Conditions were revised some years ago and continue to be a useful tool for purchasers and suppliers when it comes to being clear about the terms on which supplies are made.  I urge all parties to include the ISSA Conditions as part of their standard terms of business to avoid confusion or doubt when it comes to supplies being made.

ISSA Code of Ethics
ISSA has its own Code of Ethics which has served the industry well. The Code ensures fairness, honesty and transparency in the day to day business of ship supply. For ease of reference the Code is again re-printed in the Catalogue and can also be downloaded from the ISSA website:

ISSA Quality Standard
More and more of the world’s ship owners and ship managers are demanding the highest of standards when it comes to supplying their vessels.  ISSA embraced this philosophy some years ago now by introducing its own ISSA Quality Standard that sets the bar when it comes to ship supply.
The standard was comprehensively revised in 2015 and endorsed by the World Customs Organisation, InterManager and FONASBA.

ISSA Quality Members sport an additional symbol proclaiming they have reached the required standard and ship owners and ship managers are invited to look out for the ISSA quality logo as additional reassurance of the highest quality being maintained by the particular ship supplier.  Again, the ISSA Quality Standard can be downloaded from
A publication of this complexity takes a huge amount of work, time, care and dedication and I would like to express my thanks to the production team under the stewardship of Executive Vice President Alfredo Tosato for all their hard work.
The results speak for themselves and I commend to you our latest and best edition of the ISSA Ship Stores Catalogue which no ship or maritime office should be without.

Saeed Al Malik
ISSA President

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